Food is God

Annam Brahma Restaurant was inaugurated in 1971, making it one of the pioneer vegetarian restaurants in New York. “Annam Brahma” means in Sanskrit “Food is God”.

Sri Chinmoy Inspired Restaurant

The name was given by meditation teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy who resided in Jamaica, Queens for over 40 years. With inspiration from Sri Chinmoy, the Grammy-award winning musician Mahavishnu John McLaughlin opened Annam Brahma in 1971 and owned it until 1974. Annam Brahma is one of three Sri Chinmoy-inspired vegetarian food establishments in the area as well as a health food store.

International Vegetarian Cuisine – Indian, American, Italian, Chinese

Our focus is to offer healthy and tasty food, featuring a line of authentic East Indian cuisine as well as our daily soups, casserole specials, fresh garden salads, vegetarian burgers, homemade desserts and unique beverages. Those who work at Annam Brahma practice meditation under the auspices of Sri Chinmoy and our goal is to prepare and serve food with love and care.

Peaceful Atmosphere – Art & Music

The music at Annam Brahma and beautiful Sri Chinmoy paintings create a serene, peaceful atmosphere which many say is “an oasis” in the hustle and bustle of busy New York City. Books on meditation as well as incense and peaceful music tapes are available.

Sri Chinmoy explains: Why eat a vegetarian diet?

Customers Love Our Restaurant!